Asked Questions
What to wear

Choosing clothing for their headshots often sends actors into a tailspin but it shouldn’t! Relax! The headshots are about you and your face, the clothes you choose are simply there as background – they can make a nod to a particular casting type but really you’re just wearing them so you’re not naked. Much more comfortable for the both of us!

The main thing is to bring options – dark and light, smart and casual, v-neck and round-neck, perhaps a shirt collar, throw in a jacket so we can change things up, but the main thing is simple clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Don’t go for anything to wild or distracting as we don’t want that gorgeous print distracting casting directors from your gorgeous face! But do bring something that is really ‘you’. It might just help you relax into the perfect headshot.

You can change clothes as many times as you like during the session, though to make the most of your time in front of the camera we will probably use about 3-4 outfits.


Girls, don’t start with hardcore curls and tons of hairspray (unless you walk around like that every day!). Guys, hold it on the gel and products as they don’t always look so good on camera. Bring them with you by all means but let’s get a few shots au naturel first!

Make Up

The thing about headshots is they are meant to represent how you really look and how you would arrive at a casting. This means you shouldn’t arrive for your session with a face full of make up.

Start with a natural look and we can then build up slowly and finish the session with some more glamorous shots.


Your headshot session won’t just be you on one side of the camera and me on the other. It’s a collaboration so you’ll be able to take a look at the photographs as we go along. I want to make sure we’re on the same page and that you’re as happy with your shots as I am. My aim is headshots that make you look great but also look like you!

At any time if you want to change things up look or clothing wise or you need a break just let me know – remember, it’s your shoot!


Your gallery of shots will be emailed as a contact sheet. You can then select your favourite shots for retouching at your leisure (I’ll keep your images  up to a year). You can always purchase additional retouching further down the line – all the images are available to you.